Job Openings

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Southfield Public School District (SPS)!


For a complete list of positions that we are currently accepting applications for, please visit our online application site - Applicant Central - and use the site to complete an online application and apply for open positions that interest you.




Here are some helpful tips for navigating the Applicant Central site:


  • For the best user experience, please use the GOOGLE CHROME web browser.
  • The Applicant Central website is You can also access it from the SPS website (Human Resources >>> Job Openings).
  • All "APPLICATION SECTIONS" must be completed before you may apply for a position!
  • The font color for all the "Application Sections" must be GREEN.
  • Be sure to complete the "Applicant Agreement" listed under "Work Experience" in the "Application Sections".
Forgot your username/password?

Enter your email address in the space provided on the Applicant Central site and it will be emailed to you.

First time accessing Applicant Central?

Create a new account by selecting the “NEW ACCOUNT” link on the left side of the screen and follow the prompts. 

Current SPS employee who previously created a profile, BUT have not updated your email from to ? 

Please contact HR for additional assistance. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT!!!

Are certain sections not applicable for you or do you prefer not to enter any data? 

Click "Save this Section" (you DO NOT have to enter any data) and the font color will change from RED to GREEN. Once all the “Application Sections” are GREEN - click the "Apply" button located next to the open position(s) you’re interested in!

Want/Need to withdraw your bid? 

Click the “Un-Apply” button next to the position!

Need assistance with your online application or have any questions?

Please feel free to call 248.746.8500 or email

Please be mindful of the closing dates for all posted positions.

Once the closing date has been reached, the position will not be visible on the Applicant Central site.

Please also note: current SPS employees are able to view and apply for positions posted internally AND externally (as long as the postings are still open). Those who are not currently employed with SPS will only be able to view/apply for positions posted externally (as long as the postings are still open).


Thank you, again, for your interest in employment opportunities with the Southfield Public School District! Best Wishes!