The Instructional Support Network builds the capacity of district administrators to provide leadership in making connections between planning for instruction and planning for professional development. It is these connections that provide the foundation for continuous school improvement. 

Instructional Support Network Members

Chelsea Chambers, Administrative Assistant: 248-746-8580

Instructional Support Network

Alise Collier, Supervisor of District Programs and Special Projects
248-746-4338 /

Edwina Hill, Supervisor of Federal & State Educational Programs
248-746-4340 /

Devara Hodges, Manager of Instructional Programs, Data & Application Support 
248-746-4323 /

Rita Teague, Supervisor of Curriculum Development and Implementation
248-746-4333 /

Cynthia Watson, Supervisor of ESL and Literacy
248-746-7633 /

Carla Williams, State & Federal Programs Assistant  / McKinney - Vento Coordinator 
248-746-4341 /


Matt Hirvela, Curriculum Facilitator, Social Studies
Kimberly Wardell-Stone, Curriculum Facilitator, Science
Regina Szymczak, Curriculum Facilitator, Math (6th through 12th grade)
Juantonia Hill, Professional Development Facilitator, Math