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Previous Bids and Quotes


Bussey Roof Notice Due 9-24-18

Birney Renovations for Dance  Art Studios and Music Lab 7-31-18


Vandenberg Play Area Notice Due 7-24-18

Food Service Notice to Bid Due 6-11-18

Archived Bids

Trash RFP 2018 Due 4-4-18


OT PT Bid Tab 2018

OT PT Services RFP Due 2-22-18

Demolition Bid Legal Notice

Demolition SPS RFP 2-15-18

SHS Turf Replacement Bid Tab Results 1-9-18

SHSAT Turf Replacement Bid Documents 1-9-18 - (Includes remove and replace synthetic turf football field; install concrete pads and bleachers.)

SHS Air Con Unit for Band Room 9-5-17 (Repost from 8-16)

SHS Air Con Unit for Band 8-16-17

SHS Band Room Air Cond Bid Addendum 1


Brace-Lederle- RFP for Sale of Real Property 6-9-17

Bussey- RFP for Sale of Real Property 6-9-17

Inkster Rd - RFP for Sale of Real Property 6-9-17

Custodial RFP Due 6-16-17


Clerical Services RFP Due 4-24-17

Security Officer Services RFP Due 4-13-17

Landscaping Snow Service RFP Due 3-31-17

Invitation to Bid Pupil Transportation Services - Due Friday, March 10, 2017  

   Attachment A- District Transportation Related Policies
    Attachment B – Financial Information

  • Sec 1 – 2015-2016 SE-4094 Transportation Expenditure Report

    Attachment C – School District Information

  • Sec 1 – 2016-2017 School District Calendar
  • Sec 2 – List of Schools with bell times
  • Sec 3 – School District Maps including Boundaries

     Attachment D – Route Information    

    Attachment E – Equipment

  • Sec 1 – Current Preliminary SE-4107 School Bus Inventory
  • Sec 2-   Maintenance vehicle inventory (White fleet)

     Attachment F – Form of Contract 
     Attachment G – Familial Disclosure Affidavit
     Attachment H – Iran Sanctions Act
     Attachment I – Proposal Pricing Forms

Advertisement for Bussey Play Area Due 7-28-16

Bussey Play Bid Addendum I

SHS Outdoor Concession Stand Renovations Advertisement due 7-14-16

SPS Moving Ad for Bids  - Please note bid opening has changed to Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 1:00 p.m.

Exterior Signs RFP Due 6-2-2016

Southfield A & T Uniforms due 5-20-16

Bussey Playground Architect RFP Due 5-17-2016

Painting RFP SL  -  Due Date Extended to Tuesday, May 17, 2016

SLHS New Play Area Project Manual Due 5-16-16

SHS Lockers RFQ - Due May 24, 2016

New Locker RFP Due 4-19-16

Southfield A & T High School Football Uniforms Due 4-15-2016

Network Electronics FY2016 E-Rate Due April 6, 2016

Structured Cabling FY2016 E-Rate Due April 6, 2016

Southfield High A and T Marching Band Uniform RFP Due 3-21-16 Revised - Revised 3-10-16

Southfield Lathrup High School Renovations Advertisement Due March 16, 2016

Locker Painting SLHS - Due 2-25-16

Southfield High School Renovations Due 1-19-16

RFQ White Board Conversion Due 1-8-16

Southfield High Steamer - RFQ Due 7-28-15

JWE Administration Building Parking Lot Rehabilitation Advertisement

JWE Administration Building Parking Lot Bid Package - Due July 15, 2015

Bid Tab Results for JWE Administration Building Parking Lot 7-15-2015

Kennedy Center Playground Equipment and Installation Due June 2, 2015

Special Education Classroom Equipment and Furniture RFP Due April 24  

Southfield Education Center - Kennedy School Remodel Bid Due April 16, 2015
Addendum I       List of Attendees       Door Schedule A501       Project Cover G001

Video Studio Upgrade Due March 30, 2015
Video Studio Upgrade Addenum II 
Video Studio Upgrade Addendum I
Addenda Drawings Video Studio   
Addenda Video Studio Excel File
Video Studio RFP Details, Drawings and Specifications
Video Studio Official Bid Form
Video Studio Excel File

Trash Bid Due 3-24-15

USF Bid FY 15 - Revised 2-13-15 - Now due 3-13-2015
USF Bid FY 15 - see revised bid

USF Bid FY 15 Network Electronics

Food Service Bid 

Southfield Cost Reimbursable RFP

Southfield Cost Reimbursable Information Section

Southfield Menus

Southfield Claims

School Meals, SFSP, and CACFP Meal Patterns and Food Specifications

Food Service Bid Addendum I
Food Service Bid Addendum II
Levey Marching Band Uniforms - Due December 18, 2014