Negative Lunch Balance Policy

The Southfield Public Schools Chartwells Food Service staff serves nutritious meals every school day.


  • Breakfast: $1.25 (All Levels)
  • Elementary Lunch: $2.30
  • Middle School Lunch: $2.65
  • High School Lunch:  $2.75

Parent Connect Access - Access allows you to view your child's lunch account, balances and purchases.  If you do not have access, please contact your child's school to sign up.              

Procedure for Students with Negative Account Balances

Families are expected to provide a lunch from home or provide their child with cash or money deposited in their child's meal account to purchase school meals. Meal account balances may be viewed by parents on the Southfield Public School website through Parent Connect.

When a student's account has reached a negative balance the student will be given a reminder note from the cafeteria cashier to inform the parents of the negative balance. Elementary students with negative balances will be served a regular school meal for up to five lunches or (-$11.50). Middle and High School students with negative balances will be served a regular school meal up to three lunches or (-$7.95) middle school, and (-$8.25) high school. After this point the building principal will contact the parent and arrange a meeting to discuss the negative lunch account.

Once a student lunch account has become negative at thresholds listed above, from that date forward , the student will be offered the alternative meal of a turkey sandwich and white milk for up to 5 days. A $1 charge will be added to the student account for each alternate lunch served. Students with a negative account balance, receiving an alternate meal, will not be allowed to purchase ala carte items. After service of the five alternative lunches, students will no longer be served lunch or breakfast. Parents will be notified by letter from the Purchasing/ Food Service Director that their students will no longer be served lunch or breakfast until their account balance is paid in full.