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University High School Academy
University High School Preparatory Academy

Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders, Today.

The University High School Academy, in Partnership with Students, Families and Staff, is a Genuine Community of Citizens with Personal Integrity, Social Humility, and Academic Curiosity.

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Thank you for visiting the website of a model high school, University High School Academy (UHSA), and our new educational program for eighth grade students, University High School Preparatory Academy (UPREP).  I hope you find our website informative and user-friendly, as we want you to learn more about all that UHSA (grades 9-12) and UPREP (grade 8) have to offer your son/daughter.  From an exemplary and innovative STEAM2 (science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine) curriculum to a plethora of school sponsored clubs and organizations, UHSA and UPREP have a means of engaging our students as active members of the learning community.
(More from Dean Williams.)

2012 graduate Lauren represents Georgia State University on ESPN at basketball game. Click the link to see the video.
Class of 2014--Seniors
2014 receiving their Senior Jerseys at the 2013 Passing of the Mace.
NSBE Bridge Magazine Renewable Energy Poster Contest!
UPrep student wins poster contest. They will win $100 and their poster will be in the winter 2014 magazine.
Follow the link to the Detroit Free Press for more information.
UHSA Art Club at Adler
UHSA at Leadership Camp
UHSA at Central Michigan University for Summer 2013 Leadership Camp.
UHSA Dance Team Wins!!
The UHSA Dance Team brought home 4 first place awards at the America's Best dance competition March 2 at Cobo. Great job!!
Join us for the London Theater Tour March 31, 2016 - April 7, 2016
UHSA is going to Madrid and Paris Spring 2014
UHSA Leads SHS Football Team
For the past 4 years a UHSA student quarterbacked the SHS football team.
UHSA Makes America's Best High Schools List
23rd in Michigan and 603 in the top 2000 High Schools by Newsweek.
UHSA Represented at Mosaic Singsation!!
UHSA Robotics at OCCRA
A UHSA Senior is the captain of the Piston's "Mob Squad" (the youth division of The Pistons Entertainment Crew).
Follow the link to see a picture of our own senior in the news.
UHSA Student Congress at OAA Meeting
UHSA Student Congress Represents at 2013 MASC/HS Conference
UHSA Student of the Month
October 2013. Congratulations!!
UHSA Student of the Month
November 2013. Congratulations!!
UHSA Student of the Month
February 2014. Congratulations!!
UHSA Student of the Month
January 2014. Congratulations!!
UHSA teachers and students (among other SPS buildings) featured in Aspen Institute's new video "A New Culture of Learning."
UHSA Visits Sinai Grace Hospital
Looking at "parts" in the morgue.
UPrep Cheer Team!!
2013-2014 UPrep Cheer Team. Go UPrep!!

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